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I am W Joseph Harrison owner of W Joseph Plotter Sales & Service. May I take this opportunity to introduce you to our company's goals and business model?


We provide company employed field engineers who are dedicated to providing service to clients in the service to the States of Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois Kentucky and Ohio. W Joseph Plotter Sales & Service is not a brokerage firm but a real brick and mortar company... Our field engineers are trained by the manufacturers and have combined over 40 years’ experience on plotter printers. Call me (Joseph) and we together can formulate a service solution best for your company...


If you are a city, county, state or federal governmental agencies; including GIS, public works, planning departments etc.; we welcome your business.  We would be pleased to provide annual maintenance agreement at great discounts to your agency. Please call us if you have any questions.


If you are a IT solution company and need a support company to assist you with your client's plotter problems. We can represent you as your company or our selves; the choice is yours.

If have you are experiencing a problem with your HP DesignJet we can dispatch one of our technicians to your office.

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W Joseph Harrison
W Joseph Plotter Service


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